Automotive Glass Black Enamels

The main requirements are a wide firing range, high gloss, semi-matte or matte opacity and hiding power, and maximum blackness of the color shade for different processes. The firing range is generally between 570°C and 650°C (laboratory values). The requirements for chemical resistance vary from low to very high.

Product Benefits

• Lead and cadmium free system
• Odorless
• Excellent conductivity with system capability for a wide range of resistivity
• Excellent fired density giving high hiding power to clips soldered onto silver fired directory on glass
• Long screen life
• Robust printing performance
• Thixotropic, modified, and fully blendable system

Automotive Glass Black Enamels : Quality & Reliability

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Excellent Visual Appearance

Deep Black Coloring After Firing

Excellent Ageing Resistance

Fine-line Printing

Below 1 mm

Smart Product Customization

Low Fineness

< 15 kg

Environmentally Friendly Products