Golden Chemicals for Decoration

Decoration with precious metals can transform a simple product into a high-end product with golden highlights. Liquid gold, also known as bright gold, is widely used in the decoration of ceramics and glass, particularly perfume bottles.
A typical liquid gold solution contains between 4-12% gold dissolved from granules along with 40 ingredients including natural oils, natural resins, and organic acids. The solution also contains small amounts of other metals for creating a fine grain that results in a uniform, bright finish and facilitating adhesion to the substrate.
The products come in a variety of formulas, depending on the precise needs of the end user.
The liquid gold can be applied to ceramics and glass through manual brushing, screen printing, or spraying. Then, the object is air-heated to burn off the organic components, leaving behind a thin bright film of gold. While used primarily in the ceramics and glass industries, liquid gold is also used for glazing tiles or bricks in building facades.

Phoenix Yasin Chemistry Co.

Phoenix Yasin Chemistry Co. produces precious metal chemicals and electrolytes for electroplating with decorative and functional applications. Our products are complemented by electroplating equipment such as plating lines, machines, anodes, and pens. We produce chemicals and electrolytes for electronics (connectors), decorative surfaces (jewelry), and industrial applications (automotive).


Silver Pastes for Automotive Glass: Quality & Reliability

Excellent Visual Appearance

Precise Coloring After Firing

Excellent Ageing Resistance

Fine-line Printing

Below 1 mm

Smart Product Customization

High Adhesion

> 20 kg

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