Phoenix Yasin Chemistry Co. Electroplating Machine features DC power supply, volt and ampere controlled operation, digital timer, precision amps/minute counter, movable cathode bar, digital thermostat, heat control, filtering system, and a unique user interface.


Current, heat, anode-cathode distance (ACD), and continuity of coating chemicals are the most important factors for achieving the desired results. Electroplating machine baths are developed and manufactured based on these and other important technical details, recommended usage information of chemical manufacturers, and the experience of professional users. Experienced users were tested aiming for the best production system in order to ensure the precision, robustness, and full compatibility of the parts used and also the efficiency of the end-point.


Electroplating Machine Baths are equipped with DC power supplies so that you can get the most benefit from the coating chemicals you are using. The device also includes digital thermostats with a tolerance of +/- 1 decade for heat sensitivity and precise ampere/minute counter to monitor your chemical consumption with approximate values.


Phoenix Yasin Chemistry Co. supplies Pt/Ti and MMO anodes. These products are recommended if you are looking for efficiency and quality.


Electroplating Machine Baths feature a unique interface developed by Phoenix Yasin Chemistry Co. with four different keys and one click operation.

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