• Conductive paste for solar cell


    Optimize solar efficiency with our high-performance conductive silver paste, designed specifically for advanced solar cell applications.

  • Silver conductive paste


    Enhance electrical conductivity in your projects with our premium conductive silver paste, perfect for a variety of industrial uses.

  • Precious metals chemicals & catalysts¬†


    Achieve a flawless, durable finish with our high-quality ceramic black enamel, ideal for both decorative and functional applications.

  • Ceramic enamel


    Unlock the full potential of chemical reactions with our expertly engineered precious metals and catalysts, driving innovation and sustainability.

  • Liquid bright precious metals

    Liquid bright

    Experience unmatched brilliance and luster with our radiant liquid precious metals, perfect for elevating any industrial application.

  • Precious metals recycling & refining


    Transforming waste into value with our advanced recycling and refining processes, ensuring the sustainable reuse of precious metals for a greener future.

Unmatched Quality, Precious Ingredients

Silver Conductive Paste

Our work speaks volumes about our professionalism.

Ceramic Enamel

Perfection is not a goal, It's our standard.


At PY Chemistry we believe in the power of materials to transform industries and shape the future. Whether you are working on groundbreaking technology, sustainable energy solutions, or artistic creations, our products are here to empower your vision.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication to sourcing only the finest and most precious materials ensures that every item we offer is of the utmost quality and sophistication. From rare earth elements to innovative compounds, each ingredient is selected with precision to guarantee an unparalleled experience for our discerning clientele.