Conductive paste for solar cell

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Conductive Paste

for solar cell Applications

PY Chemistry  supplies side conductive silver paste materials developed to provide better yields and higher outputs for solar PV cell manufacturers. The paste compositions are a series of screen printable front and back side silver conductors for monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells. Our compositions are all cadmium-free and tailored solutions for either SiNx or TiOx anti-reflective coatings. Lead-free formulations are also available. All PY Chemistry silver pastes can be co-fired with commercial back side Ag and Al conductive pastes.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure our silver (Ag) metallization pastes can be customized in accordance with your Solar PV  manufacturing process, in order to increase efficiency and fill factor while providing a wider processing window.

Front-Side Silver Paste Series

SOLIX9000 series front-side Silver Paste produced by PY Chemistry co is ideal for lightly-doped emitter designs. Optimized for high throughput processing, our conductive silver paste delivers exceptional aspect ratios and fine line resolution.


Conductive Silver Paste

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Back-Side Silver Paste Series

SOLIX3000 series conductive silver paste produced by PY Chemistry co is designed in synergy with Rear-Al paste and Front-Ag paste, our new lead-free conductive rear-side Silver Paste significantly lowers material consumption in solar PV cell manufacturing.

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