Ceramic Enamel

Unmatched in quality for high-end automotive glass use


Ceramic enamels are glass-like coatings fired onto surfaces, known for their durability and vibrant colors. They find diverse applications in jewelry, cookware, automotive glass, and decorative art, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to various products and designs.

Black Enamels For Automotive Glass

We have many years of experience in the production and application of ceramic colors.

Ceramic automotive glass colors are glass enamels that fire on to the glass during the bending process above 560 °C, forming a glassy inorganic layer.

The different products are grouped by application

Explore our silver paste properties, categorized by application to ensure optimal conductivity and durability for all your needs.

The properties of Enamels include

Explore the properties of our enamels, designed for exceptional adhesion, durability, and vibrant finishes across various applications.


Silver Paste For Tempered Glass:

CodeCompositionApplication TypeFiring Range
LP1100 SeriesZn-B-Ti-Si-Alkaline SystemSagg-Bending Laminated Glass580 -740 °C
LP3200 SeriesZn-B-Pb-Si-Alkaline SystemSagg-Bending Laminated Glass550 -720 °C
LP2000 SeriesZn-B-Bi-Si-Alkaline SystemSagg-Bending Laminated Glass550 -720 °C
LB1500 SeriesZn-B-Bi-Si-Alkaline SystemPress-Bending Laminated Glass550 -720 °C
GT6000 SeriesZn-B-Bi-Si-Alkaline SystemSagg-Bending Laminated Glass560 -730 °C
GR5000 SeriesZn-B-Bi-Si-Alkaline SystemPress-Bending Laminated Glass560 -730 °C

Enamels For Decorative Glass

New uses for these products come to light every day:

Decorating the stove glass, Doors, Glass Packaging, Interior design, oven doors.

Each of these numerous applications call for the highest levels of performance and the ability to ensure the utmost freedom of expression.Our decorative glass enamels are very popular in many markets, precisely because of their exemplary features.

They are manufactured and sold in two different types

Discover the properties of our enamels, available in two distinct types, each engineered for exceptional adhesion, durability, and vibrant finishes across various applications.

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