Auto Glass Paste

silver paste formulated for car defogging systems. It is non toxic and lead free paste. Screen-printable silver paste on advanced silver spherical high density and mono dispersed technology. It is suitable and good matching with auto glass rear window. WB001-XG is compatible with auto glass substrate, excellent printing properties, showing good adhesion and chemical resistance.

product benefits

• Lead and cadmium free system.
• Odorless
•Excellent conductivity with system capability for a wide range of resistivity.
• Excellent fired density giving good hiding power to clips soldered on to silver fired directory on glass.
• Long screen life.
•Robust printing performance.
• Thixotropic modified and fully blend able system


WB001-XG to make available surface of the fired silver to achieved good solder wetting without burnishing.


Silver Pastes for Automotive Glass: Quality & Reliability

Download Silver Paste Technical Table

Excellent visual appearance

Precise coloring after firing

Excellent ageing resistance

Fine-line printing

Below 1 mm

Smart Product Customization

High Adhesion

> 20 kg

Environmentally friendly products